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How Can I Change My Username?

You can change your account username here.

Note: If you change your username you need to wait 90 days before you can change it again.

How Do I Delete My Account?

You can use this page to remove your account from this website. Once you enter your password below to confirm, your access will be immediately restricted but you are free to change your mind within 3 day/s. Just return here and follow the instructions.

3 day/s after you have confirmed you would like to delete your account the following is removed:

   Your username and password is deleted
   Your personal information such as contact details and email address are removed
   Your avatar is removed

After deletion your posts and content will remain and will be attributed to "Current Username". Additionally, any attachments you have made will remain. Should you need further assistance with the remaining content please contact us.

How Do I Disable The Discord Widget?

Go to account preferences and check "Disable Discord Chat" box.

How Do I Disable X Type Of Notifications?

If you want to disable notifications, replies, ratings, etc. Go here. If you want to disable notifications for a specific thread. Open said thread and click on the "Unwatch Thread" button bellow ratings. If you want to see all threads you're watching go to here.

How Do I Make A Thread?

Use the create a thread button found on the top right corner. This doesn't apply to the game forums, since only users with the Uploaders status can create a thread there. If you wish to gain uploader status keep reading below.

How Do I Upgrade Above "Member" Status?

The forum will change your account to "active member", "well known" etc after X posts. Super Users are granted as the Staff Member deem. Other ranks like Uploader are explained below.

How Do I Become An Uploader?

To get the uploader status you have to send a private message to a Staff Member, but before you send it make sure that:

   You wont only upload a game or two. If that's the case give the links to Super Users or Moderators (whoever is online) and they will create a release thread for you.
   You are ready to follow the uploading rules
   Will provide content as often as you can (There is no minimum limit for your uploads but please don't upload a game once every 5 months or something of this sort).
   You have a backup of your files in case they get taken down.
   Will perform a lot more shit (let's just say that uploaders here don't upload only. You'll have to work on other threads, with updates and use the tools we 
   give you to make sure everything is done correctly for the regular user.           

If you can do all the above send a message to Staff Members explaining that you have read the rules and you wish to upload here. After that just wait and you will receive your status.

How Do I Share Games Without Becoming An Uploader?

Uploaded the game to one or more hosts (Approved Hosts) and share the link/s in the comment section for the game or PM a Staff Member.

How Do I Make A Game Thread Without Becoming An Uploader And Can I Share Content I Don't Own The Rights?

You can share content you don't own the rights, as long as you don't claim ownership. You can create a thread here following the guidelines in place. After alert a Staff Member so they move the game.

If you're considering uploading more games, please check the step "How Do I Become An Uploader?" above.

How Do I Request a Game And When Is The Next Update?

You can make requests for games on the request section. Please read the rules before you request anything and follow them. Or you can ask on the game comment section but please refrain from begging, if someone already requested it, your comment is NULL and wasting space. Has for when the next update for a game will come, don't ask us, we provide the creators page link on the thread. If you're interested, check it.

How Do I Ask For Help With A Game?

You can ask for help either by leaving a comment on the game thread or by going to our Troubleshoot page. If the help you require is regarding a walkthrough or a save file, please remember to not spam people with comments asking for it.