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F95: Hailing from North Korea itself. The mysterious F95 who created F95Zone.


Sam: Professional Man-whore by day, Tech by night. The knowledge in this persons head is something to behold and his dark chocolaty voice will melt you like a hot knife going through butter.

Ryahn: Sentient AI gone a-wire. Able to upload itself to a dozen file hosts and gain control of them all. Beware the "Ryahnet".


Ace_boogie: The forever silent ace_boogie. Some say he's is a Russian Hacker waiting for the eventual hacking apocalypse. Just don't mess with his QSP or you'll regret it.

TCMS: They used to call him something, until they didn't. The Otterman himself, hailing from Otterlands. He will fuck you up if you get in his way.

Muttdoggy: The Doggarator himself. Mutt sniffs posts and panties. Mutt will calmly and politely fuck you sideways if you look him sideways. Do you feel lucky? Well do you.. punk!?

Muff Diver: Muff Diver hails from the deep dark forest where everything will kill you. They say all the woman there carry his mark on their muffs. You want something done, you ask Muff.

Bloo: Who? *scratches head* Moving On.

Wynin: Trainer of witches. Wynin hails from some cold dark place where the light never shines and it fucking cold but he'll melt you heart. Ladies, line up, gentleman too.

RedKing: Some person who enjoys memes and animuu way to much. IF you want to feel energized, you talk with him.

TheImage: Loves his JRPG games way to much. STOP POSTING, you're making us all look bad in comparison god damn it.

Pepé Le Pew: The lovely skunk who leaves his sweet smell where ever it goes. You want something skunked? Look no further.